A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Pet as many cute corgis as you can in this 2D arcade style game! Choose from three characters and play in either timed game mode or lives.

Update 7/29:

Sprites have been updated! The three originals got an update, and three new characters have been added. Now includes two males and one non-binary sprite :D

Install instructions

Download the zip file, extract, and double click on CorgiPetter.exe to play~


Corgi_Petter_Windows.zip 14 MB
Corgi_Petter_Mac.zip 27 MB
Corgi_Petter_Linux.zip 28 MB


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Good job with the game. But I think you should be able to choose a male character. Do men not like corgis too? :,(

Thank you for playing! I wanted to make a male character and I'm planning to at some point this summer, when I made this I had focus more time on getting the game to work instead of different types of sprites (each character right now is just the same sprite recolored).

The new sprites are added :D